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"Artscapes UK creates bespoke, unforgettable, and spine-tingling art and cultural experiences through virtual and on the ground events. We are well-known for our combination of disciplines, and love putting history, art, food, wine and music together in one fabulous cultural mix. Led by art historian and TV presenter Rose Balston, our experts form a unique pool of specialists with diverse disciplines to bring you an experience you won’t forget. Learn about the history of art through our fresh and invigorating online lectures, or get in touch to arrange your bespoke art experiences in London and beyond."

Artscapes UK is currently offering two online event series: “A Postcard from…” and “The Greatest Storytellers of the 19th Century”. “A Postcard from” invites participants to take a virtual journey across four of Europe’s most iconic artistic locations for an evening of art, food, wine and music. “The Greatest Storytellers” is an unmissable experience that explores the art of 19th Century masters in order to uncover stories of social, political, economic and religious upheaval within the contemporary society.

Click the links below to view these series:

The Greatest Storytellers of the 19th Century:
A Postcard from…:

You can either buy events in these series individually or purchase them in a bundle on the Artscapes UK website: simply click “Buy ticket” or “Buy the bundle” on the event page. If you would like to purchase these as a gift you can select “Gift this” at the checkout, enabling you to add a personal message and specified delivery date.

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Artscapes UK
  • 21.10.31 (Sun Oct 31st) | The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

    Organizer: ARTSCAPES UK.
    Tickets: £15 (concessions may apply).
    Date: Oct 31st 4:00pm UK Time. Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Oct 31st 9:00am | ET: Oct 31st 12:00pm.
    Europe - UK: Oct 31st 4:00pm | CET: Oct 31st 5:00pm.
    APAC - CST/HKT/SGT: Nov 1st 12:0...

  • 21.11.07 (Sun Nov 7th) | James Abbott McNeill Whistler

    Organizer: ARTSCAPES UK.
    Tickets: £15 (concessions may apply).
    Date: Nov 7th 4:00pm UK Time. Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Nov 7th 8:00am | ET: Nov 7th 11:00am.
    Europe - UK: Nov 7th 4:00pm | CET: Nov 7th 5:00pm.
    APAC - CST/HKT/SGT: Nov 8th...

  • 22.02.22 (Tue Feb 22nd) | A Postcard From Venice

    Organizer: ARTSCAPES UK.
    Speakers: Rose Balston.
    Tickets: £28 (concessions may apply).
    Date: Feb 22nd 6:30pm UK Time. Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Feb 22nd 10:30am | ET: Feb 22nd 1:30pm.
    Europe - UK: Feb 22nd 6:30pm | CET: Feb 22nd 7:30pm.
    APAC - CST/HKT/...