Artscapes UK | 19th Century Storytellers

Artscapes UK | 19th Century Storytellers

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The 19th century tells a long and extraordinary story. Change is afoot in all walks of life. It is a whirlwind of productivity and creativity but also of shocking drama. In this series, Rose Balston will dive deep into the lives and works of just a few artists practicing in this tumultuous time: among others Vigée Le Brun, Canova, Goya, William Blake, the Pre-Raphaelites and Whistler. Through their art, Rose will explore the social, political, economic and religious upheaval that challenged every sector of society.

This was an age of revolution, war, thrumming industry, colonialization and Darwinism. Grappling to come to terms with these unprecedented cultural shifts, artists fought for change - armed just with a brush or chisel and hope for a better future. As they sought out new forms of expression we will witness heroic, disturbing, visionary, melancholic, bold, innovative and dazzlingly modern paintings and sculpture. And as ideas bounced back and forth between England, France, Italy and Spain, we’ll see how this thoroughly exciting period of art completely reinvigorated the role of the artist in the modern world.

This series is suitable for everyone, first-timers to art history, and old hands.

Listen to all eight lectures to get the most of the period. Or you are welcome to join any of the talks independently.

Catch-up recordings are available to ticket-holders.

You are able to choose the option of gifting the series, or just one lecture, as you purchase your ticket.

To broaden your background of the period, you can buy a bonus bundle which includes all eight live events plus three of Rose’s past talks designed to give further context for the series.

Once purchased, you will have access to the three recorded bonus lectures for three weeks:
“David: The Art of Revolution”
“The Hidden Truths of John Constable”
“The Sun is God: JMW Turner, the Father of Modern Art”



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Artscapes UK | 19th Century Storytellers
  • 21.10.31 (Sun Oct 31st) | The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

    Organizer: ARTSCAPES UK.
    Tickets: £15 (concessions may apply).
    Date: Oct 31st 4:00pm UK Time. Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Oct 31st 9:00am | ET: Oct 31st 12:00pm.
    Europe - UK: Oct 31st 4:00pm | CET: Oct 31st 5:00pm.
    APAC - CST/HKT/SGT: Nov 1st 12:0...

  • 21.11.07 (Sun Nov 7th) | James Abbott McNeill Whistler

    Organizer: ARTSCAPES UK.
    Tickets: £15 (concessions may apply).
    Date: Nov 7th 4:00pm UK Time. Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Nov 7th 8:00am | ET: Nov 7th 11:00am.
    Europe - UK: Nov 7th 4:00pm | CET: Nov 7th 5:00pm.
    APAC - CST/HKT/SGT: Nov 8th...