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2022.11.03 | Celebrating the 150 years of William de Morgan

The Ashmolean Museum
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  • 2022.11.03 | The East in the West

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    "In this series of three short talks you will explore the impact of Eastern European artists on British art in the 20th century focusing on these themes:
    - Out of Whitechapel: Jewish Artists in the Early 2...

  • 2022.11.08 | At Home in Antiquity

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    "The artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was one of the leading Victorian painters of his day. His work is most frequently recognised by his theatrical and often light-hearted paintings of scenes of ancient Greece an...

  • 2022.11.15 | Pointillism Short Course

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    "Pointillism grew not only from the liberation that the Impressionist brushstroke encouraged. During the 1880s, Parisian artists studied scientific colour theories that led them to depict the same subjects Impress...