DC Library | Jane Austen Book Club

DC Library | Jane Austen Book Club

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"[W]e will read novels and watch movies related to her work. We meet virtually on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. All are welcome..."

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DC Library | Jane Austen Book Club
  • 21.12.07 (Tue Dec 7th) | Sanditon TV Miniseries!

    Organizer: DC PUBLIC LIBRARY.
    Date: Dec 7th 7:00pm Eastern Time (USA). Equivalent times:
    Americas - PT: Dec 7th 4:00pm | ET: Dec 7th 7:00pm.
    Europe - UK: Dec 8th 12:00am | CET: Dec 8th 1:00am.
    APAC - CST/HKT/SGT: Dec 8th 8:00am | AET: Dec 8th 11:00am.