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The Attingham Trust

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The Attingham Trust is an educational charitable trust. It has run specialised courses for those who are professionally engaged in the study, care and interpretation of historic houses and palaces and their collections and gardens for 70 years through focused, on-site study. Whether they work in the museum, university, historic house or conservation sector the unique courses also provide unparalleled opportunities for attendees to develop professional relationships around the world. Attingham alumni make up an influential, international network of professionals, many of whom represent major cultural institutions.

With a dynamic focus on education and the study, care and preservation of historical homes and palaces, The Attingham Trust has put together a compelling series of recorded lectures that are perfect for any fervent or budding architectural enthusiast. Hear from top curators, historians and experts across the culture sector as they uncover enthralling stories about notable buildings, in addition to the captivating characters and lavish decorations that frame the history of these iconic locations.

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