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2022.10.29 | Writing About Parenthood

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  • 2022.11.08 | Recharge your Writing Life

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    "Equal parts strategy, community, generative writing, and experiment, this class will help writers spark curiosity and deepen self-knowledge while crafting artistic habits that nour...

  • 2022.11.11 | A Sense of Place

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    ""Join Write & Shine live from the London Library for a 90-minute virtual writing workshop called ‘A Sense of Place’. This session takes the work and ideas of author George Eli...

  • 2022.11.15 | Advanced Poetry Workshop

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    "This class will offer you the opportunity to explore these questions and consider poetry as a time-based art, a place-based art, and a body-based art.. You’ll read a wide variety of poems and craft analysi...